General Commercial Litigation


The Commercial Litigation Practice is extensive and varied, encompassing an array of complex business issues. Salichs Pou & Associates deal with disputes based in all varieties of business agreements, and we handle jury and nonjury trials in the state and federal court. We pride ourselves on providing strategic and creative advice to our clients. We work with our clients to develop winning strategies, whether by trial, appeal, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or negotiation. The biggest need to fill for our client is providing serenity in times of uncertainty. We believe that a well-designed case assessment can help reduce litigation costs by identifying key aspects of a case, helping develop a plan to address them and contributing to effective budgeting and staffing decisions.

After developing an understanding of the relevant law and key facts, a comprehensive case assessment should address other factors that may impact litigation outcomes. An understanding of these issues can directly influence case staffing and budgeting, which will have a considerable impact on the expenses of clients. After the preliminary analysis is complete, it is important for all stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of expectations for the outcome of the lawsuit. Is the objective to prevail at any cost? Is the objective to maximize economic recovery (or minimize loss)? Are economic factors secondary to non-economic factors such as goodwill, community relations, or corporate citizenship? Internally, are the expectations of business managers and litigation counsel aligned? Candidly addressing different perspectives and at the early stage of a case is invaluable to strategic planning and lays the groundwork to prepare a meaningful and accurate budget.